Our Services

Trusted and Trained Drivers

Our drivers go through rigorous background and continous background checks, and are trained in child minding, first-aid and CPR.

Disabled Friendly

Our drivers are trained to drive and assist children with special needs, and we have cars that are diabled friendly.

Regularly serviced cars

Our cars are regulalry serviced and checked to ensure your child's safety


Live tracking

You can track you child's ride to school and back live on your phone, tablet or laptop. Whilst safe transport of your child is priority, we try our utmost best toput your mind at ease throughout this whole

CCTV Cameras Inside the Cars

Our cars are equipped with CCTV cameras to ensure the utmost safety of your child and accountability for our drivers

Car Digital Screen Display

Our cars are equipped with wireless digital screen displays with educational games, puzzles, and trivia for you child to play whilst on the ride

Live Tracking

Our live tracking feature allows you to follow your child's ride to school in the comfort of your home, on your way to work, or anywhere you choose to be.

Because we are disabled friendly, this feature will use IOS voice over, Android talkBack, and wireless Braille display compatibility.


CCTV Cameras

We take yoor child's safety and your piece mind to another level. Our onboard cameras are present in every car and every ride

Wireless Digital Screen Displays

Car rides can be long and boring, but we want to ensure your child's mind remains stimulated throughout the ride. The wireless digital screen are only for playing educational games, puzzles and trivia. Please note:This feature can be disable upon request.

About Us

We specialize in the safe, reliable and comfortable transportation of children to and from school.

We offer a safe and reliable and personalised transport system specially designed for school children, where parents/guardians can book, pay and track their child travel to and from school.

Our drivers are highly trained and and we have readily available support staff to ensure a safe, smooth and glitch free process

Our Values

MISSION: Our mission is to provide safe and reliable transportation for school children

VISION: Our vision is innovative and smart transportation for Africa

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